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Continuing the classic Micro Single Block design, this pedal is small, durable, neat and easy carry.
Mooer Audio Blade Metal Distortion Pedal MMD1Mooer Audio Blade Metal Distortion Pedal MMD1
The Mooer Blade Metal is a super hi-gain distortion pedal with a dual mode frequency boost.
Mooer Audio Green Mile Overdrive Pedal MOD1Mooer Audio Green Mile Overdrive Pedal MOD1
Our Green Mile is based on the legendary 'Tube Screamer' sound.
Mooer Audio Ninety Orange Analogue Phaser Pedal MPH1Mooer Audio Ninety Orange Analogue Phaser Pedal MPH1
The Mooer Ninety Orange is a classic analogue phaser with a modern/vintage switch. Great for EVH style '70s and '80s rock style pschyo-riffage!
Mooer Audio ShimVerb Digital Reverb Pedal MRV1Mooer Audio ShimVerb Digital Reverb Pedal MRV1
Never before has so much reverb come from such a tiny space! While many compact reverb pedals are one knob affairs the Shim Verb gives you three reverb types
Mooer Blues Crab Classic Blues Overdrive Effects PedalMooer Blues Crab Classic Blues Overdrive Effects Pedal
Mooer MDS3 Cruncher Effects PedalMooer MDS3 Cruncher Effects Pedal
Mooer Micro ABY Channel Switch PedalMooer Micro ABY Channel Switch Pedal
Micro ABY can be used in two ways, the signal path can flow from A/B to Y, or from Y to A/B. Can work without power supply
Mooer Micro DI Direct Input Box MDI1Mooer Micro DI Direct Input Box MDI1
Smart direct input box with ultra low distortion, it quietly transfers the sound of guitar or bass directly to the audio system
Mooer Noise Killer - Noise Reducer Pedal MNG1Mooer Noise Killer - Noise Reducer Pedal MNG1
Mooer Micro Series noise gate. For the times you need a little more hush but don't want to give up too much precious pedal board real estate to do it.
Mooer POGO Portable Guitar EffectsMooer POGO Portable Guitar Effects

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All items displayed on our website are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.  Unlike many other websites, we do not accept web orders on products we do not have in stock as we cannot guarantee dispatch times due to availability from the manufacturers.  Although we are happy to order any other products we ask that you contact us so that we can check availability before taking your order.

Absolute Guitars is a guitar shop close to Bristol on the A370 Bristol to Weston Super Mare road with good M4 / M5 links. We offer a complete range of  Fender electric, bass guitars and acoustic guitars, ESP/ LTD  bass and electric guitars, Spector bass guitars, Gretsch guitars, Jackson and Squier guitars Takamine Acoustic guitars, Tanglewood Acoustic Guitars, Ovation Acoustic Guitars, Hamer Electric Guitars  as well as amplifiers and effects from Line6, Randall, Blackstar, Electro Harmonix and Ashdown.  We also stock a wide range of  guitar spares and accessories including guitar strings, straps, tuners and much more.  You are welcome to come and visit us at our shop at 10 Dark Lane, Backwell, North Somerset   If you have any questions relating to any of our products featured on our website then please email us at sales@absolute-guitars.co.uk  
or call us on 01275 464177.